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Motivational Text SMS Quotes – Messages

  1. Leave something for someone…never leave someone for something because in life something may leave you but someone will always live with you.
  2. Too often we underestimate the power a touch, a smile, a kind word, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the power to build a life long relationship.
  3. God has deposited Love, Joys, Prosperity, Peace and Laughter plus all kind of Blessings in your account. Use without limit. The PIN code is : PRAYER!
  4. Three best things:
    A little seed in good soil
    A few cows in good grass
    A few friends in tavern
  5. One meets his destiny often on the road he tried to avoid it.
  6. With lies you may go ahead in the world but you can never come back.
  7. The road to a friend’s house is never too long.
  8. When the heart is full, the eyes overflow.
  9. There is none luckier than he who thinks himself so.
  10. The truth may walk around naked, but the lie has to be clothed.

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