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10 Most Important Things in Everyone’s Life

LOVE: The Special Feeling That Makes You FeelAll Warm And Wonderful. RESPECT: Treating Others As Well As You Would Like To Be Treated. APPRECIATION: To Be Grateful For All The Good Things Life Has To Offer. HAPPINESS: The Full Enjoyment Of Each Moment. A Smiling Face. FORGIVENESS: The Ability To Let Things Be Without Anger. SHARING: The Joy Of Giving …

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5 Truth about Success in Life – Motivational Life Quotes

5 Truths About Success It’s hard work You’ll need help Mistakes are life’s lessons Be persistent and consistent Keep motivating yourself Tags:beautiful thought about successedicational thaughts in punjabieducation thoughts quotesinspiration thought of lifeinspiring quotation for success

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Dhirubhai Ambani Quotes in Hindi, Thoughts Sayings Anmol Vachan in Hindi

युवाओं को एक अच्छा वातावरण दीजिये . उन्हें प्रेरित कीजिये . उन्हें जो चाहिए वो सहयोग प्रदान कीजिये . उसमे से हर एक आपार उर्जा का श्रोत है . वो कर दिखायेगा .-धीरूभाई अंबानी मेरे भूत , वर्तमान और भविष्य के बीच एक आम कारक है : रिश्ते और विश्वास . यही हमारे विकास की नीव हैं .-धीरूभाई अंबानी समय …

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Hindi Motivational Quotes on Life – Anmol Vachan about Zindagi, Life

Hindi Motivational Quotes on Life – Anmol Vachan about Zindagi, Life Tags:thoughts on friendship and lifehindi quotes about zindageproverb wallpaper in lifenegative hindi imagemsgs for negative persons in hindi

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Bill Gates Quotes about Life – Motivational Life Quotes

When you have money in hand, only you forget who are you. When you do not have any money in your hand, the whole world forget who you are. It’s Life…. ~ Bill Gate Bill Gates Quotes – Inspirational & Motivational Pictures and Sayings Tags:abdhul Kalam koteshion combill gates inspirationalbill gates quotesbill gates quotes inspirationalpositive thinking quotes for love failure …

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Dhirubhai Ambani Quotes in Hindi, Thoughts and Suvichar in Hindi

‘मेरी सफलता का राज़ मेरी महत्वाकांक्षा और अन्य पुरुषों का मन जानना है |’ सही उद्यमशीलता जोखिम लेने से ही आता है. -धीरूभाई अंबानी एक दिन धीरुभाई चला जायेगा . लेकिन रिलायंस के कर्मचारी और शेयर धारक इसे चलाते रहेंगे . रिलायंस अब एक विचार है , जिसमे अम्बानियों का कोई अर्थ नहीं है . -धीरूभाई अंबानी Tags:positive vichar ambani

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