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Anmol Vachan Suvichar in Punjabi – Sant Maskeen

Punjabi Suvichar, Anmol Vachan WallpapersDukh Baahar Nahi Andar Hai,,,
Andhera Baahar Nahi Andar Hai,,,
Asi Parmatma toh Alag Nahi Ho Sakde Haa’n..
Macchi Sagar toh Baahar Nahi Ho Sakdi,,,
Sade Mann Di Akhaa’n Band Hovan
te Baahar Chaan-na (Roshni) Kitni Vi Hove,,
Sanu Bahar Andhera Hi Dissey Ga..
Parmatma Da Chintan Karke
Akhaa’n Khol Laeeai.
Taa’n Chaan-na Hi Chaan-na Hai

Panth Rattan Giani Sant Singh Ji “MASKEEN”


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