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Mahatma Gandhi Quotes on Human Virtues – Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi

Seven Dangers to Human Virtue 1. Wealth without work. 2. Pleasure without conscience 3. Knowledge without character. 4. Business without ethic. 5. Science without humanity. 6. Religion without sacrifice. 7. Politics without Principle Mahatma Gandhi Quotes –  Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Thoughts and Pictures

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Mahatma Gandhi Quotes, Great Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi – Inspiring Quotes

Many people especially ignorant people want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct or for being years ahead of your time. If you are right and you know it, speak you mind even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the Truth. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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