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Christmas Quotes in Hindi, Merry Christmas Wishes Hindi Language, Text Sms, Hindi Christmas Message

Quote 1: Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling. In Hindi: क्रिसमस कोई मौसम नहीं . यह एक एहसास है. Edna Ferber एड्ना फेर्बेर Quote 2: The best Christmas present I got from my husband was a week to do whatever I wanted. In Hindi: सबसे अच्छा क्रिसमस गिफ्ट जो मुझे मेरे पति से मिला वो था एक ऐसा हफ्ता जिसमे मैं जो चाहूँ …

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Christmas Love Quotes Images, Merry Christmas Romantic Messages, Wishes, Sayings

I am Very Happy to be your Boyfriend, to Hug and kiss you passionately, and to look into your eyes and Say Merry Christmas my Love .  

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Merry Christmas Wishes Images | Christmas Wishes Quotes, Christmas Sayings

Happy, Happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childish days; that can recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth; that can transport the sailor and the traveler, thousand of miles away, back to his own fire side and his quiet home! Merry Christmas to All

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Merry Christmas Day 2013 Quotes, Wishes, Christmas Day Thoughts

Christmas is the gentlest, loveliest festival of the revolving year – and yet, for all that, when it speaks, its voice has Strong authority Merry Christmas to All

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Merry Christmas Quotes, Merry Christmas Day 2013 Quotes, Images, Thoughts

May this Christmas end the present Year on a Cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright new year. Here’s Wishing you a Merry Chrishtmas

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