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Happy New Year 2014 Sms Wishes in Punjabi | New Year Punjabi Messages, Greetings

nave saal te pyar da tohfa accept karo
sincerety wrap karke bhej rahe haan
care naal banya hoya hai
dua naal seal kita hoya hai
Happy new year
Be happy


Happy valentines day
Happy birthday
happy diwali
happy dushehra
happy mother’s day
happy father’s day
happy rakhi
merry christmas
Happy new year
Yaar hun na kahi ke main sms ni karda
Agle saal de saare tyohaar main hune hi wish kar dinda haan
tenu ta pata hi hai aj kal mehngayi kinni ho gayi hai
Jehdha balance katna is wich hi kat jaye
short cut ch hi faida e yaar
Chal fir happy new year 2014 again


Ise naal hundi hi nave saal di shuruat
Happy new year


Sms de jarye nave saal da tohfa bhejde haan
kujh hor tuhanu ki dayiye apna dil bhejde haan
New year night te khada hai pizza, bas usda bill bhejde haan
Happy new year


Tom Cruise
Angelina Jolie
Aishwarya Rai
Jennifer Lopez
Amitabh Bachhan
te main
Sare stars tenu new year wish karan aunge
happy new year

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