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Happy New Year 2015 Inspirational Quotes, Beautiful Wishes Sayings SMS

Happy New Year 2015 Inspirational Quotes, Beautiful Wishes Sayings SMS: New beginnings, fresh starts, reaffirmation of love and promises for a brighter future all come to mind as we ring in a New Year. There are the superficial, yet purposeful promises we make to ourselves. We resolve to get in shape, lose weight, improve career paths and the like. Then there are the heartfelt promises we make to others, whether aloud or in our minds. We want to care more, express love more, reverse bad feelings in old relationships or seek out new loving relationships. We try our very best to put these desires into words. Find the perfect words! Choose among hundreds of genuine heartfelt Happy New Year wishes and greetings for your family, friends and loved ones.

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Happy New Year 2015 Inspirational Quotes

As we invite 2015 into our lives, I wish a year full of astounding success, peace, happiness and love. May you be so full of good things that you turn into a giver and bring joy into other peoples lives.
~ Tory Wills

This new year my motto will be to be a better person by reaching out to those in need, to make a difference and to venture into something new and meaningful.
~ Amanda Bait

Years pass by but what remains are the memories, the dreams and the hope for a better life. So stick closer to the ones who have stood by you and love the ones who need it. Happy new year!
~ Oscar Ellington

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I have made up my mind to be stronger, faster and better than what I was in 2014. This year I will be a conqueror who does not get distracted but keeps marching towards the finish line.
~ Jean Calvin

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I may not be around you to wish you but you know that I always wish the best for you. I hope this year brings you closer to your dreams and you live the life that is your destined for. Have a great new year.
~ Jane Halite

In this new year, gather friends who wish good things for your life and let go of people who are jealous, hateful and are not meant to be there. That is a good way towards progress and success.
~ Ruby Nathan

Encourage yourself daily with the reminder that you are not just another person who doesn’t matter. You are someone with great talents hidden within and can make a difference to this world.
~ Emily Bright

Resolve to be a stronghold against bitterness and defeat. Whenever such things come to torment you keep your head up high and use them to go higher towards destiny.
~ Watson Miles

The past year which went by may or may not have been a good one but I’m determined to make 2015 an awesome year. A year of happiness, hope and joy where friends and family take priority.
~ Trent Gordian

So many years have passed by but every new year I believe for good things to happen. I believe that I will be a better person and get closer to my goals and dreams. Hope this year brings more success and happiness in our lives.
~ Jake Mitts

If every single day I can put in the effort steadily to become a better person I am sure that I will turn my life to something beautiful, attracting good people and better things into my life.
~ Shelly Osborne

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By the end of 2015 if I can make myself better in one area without getting worse in another I’ll have led a great year. Hopefully I can transform that one part of my life.
~ Maria Witt

As your focus hones into the big goals of life, take the time to pat your back for the smaller things that you achieve and enjoy the good things in life. That will help you on your way towards the big ones leading to a happy year of success.
~ Leona Andrews

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