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Freedom Quotes

Today Motivational Quotes, Message | Motivational Quotes of the day

Keep People in your life that truly love you, motivate you, encourage you, inspire you, enhance you, and make you happy.   

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Deepak Chopra Thoughts | Deepak Chopra Wise Quotes, Messages, Sayings

Quote 1: Love doesn’t need reason. It speaks from the irrational wisdom of the heart. In Hindi: प्रेम को कारण की ज़रुरत नहीं होती. वो दिल के तर्कहीन ज्ञान से बोलता है. Quote 2: Holding on to anything is like holding on to your breath. You will suffocate. The only way to get anything in the physical universe is by letting go of …

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John Adams Quotes | John Adams Famous Quotes, Thoughts English, Hindi

“Always stand on principle…even if you stand alone.” – John Adams “सिद्धांत न त्यागें… चाहे ऐसा करने वाले आप अकेले ही क्यों न हों।” – जॉन एडम्स

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Famous Abraham Lincoln Quotes – Best Abraham Lincoln Quotations

Believing everybody is dangerous, but believing nobody is more dangerous. ~ Abraham Lincon Quotes  

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